Astrology is the study of patterns and relationship of planets, stars and their motion, our birth charts, arrangements of elements and their influence, then using that knowledge as a tool to find meaning. The word Astrology has came from the Latin word "Astrologia" and then derived in Greek. According to the Greek language Astra means stars and logos means word which means study of stars or account of the stars. Sun, Moon, Planets and Stars affect people and events on the earth and their living. This Astrology vidhya is coming from ancient times. Astrology has it own symbolic language. Scientifically it has been proved that our body contains the mixture of elements present on the earth, those elements get effected by nine planets, Sun , Moon and Stars & by their positions, movements and distance from the person. The word Astrology starts working on the day or the moment the living thing came in existence or can say that all stars, planets starts effecting from the moment the new born presence or existence is found. Find here the points like:
1. Astrology for today
2. Astrology for marriage
3. Astrology for 2014
4. Astrology for career

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Difference between Indian astrologers and Chinese astrologers; Indian and Chinese astrologers both are extremely different from each other. Chinese procedure starts from the day of the birth and indicates up to a precise time. On the contrary according to the Indian astrologers a person’s particular time of birth is essential for making of a horoscope chart and from this only the real factors of a person’s life is depicted like marriage and all. A person’s work, fate and deeds are already designed and mentioned. A person’s complete Performa from the time to his birth till death is a reflection of sun and moon.
With the help of this you can take out the complete report of a person’s behavior. If you want t know concerning your future through the Vedic signs. You have to read about the sign of the moon to know more about your future and kundali predictions.
Astrological sign, sign on the horoscope, moon sign etc. among their differences can be sent to the astrologers. After the permission from the sun sign, the sign is on moon. Usually, the sign of the horoscope is considered as the horoscope sign. This is one of the simple and easiest ways for describing the indications of a kundali.
If you want to know about your kundali, you have to know about your astrological sign and moon sign.