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janampatri milan

In Hindu religion Janam Patri is an essential part in marriage. As per traditional thought that there are near about 36 Guns exist in a Male as well as Female. As per previous thought – if there are minimum 18 Guns matched between two individual, then they should be marry each other. In details there are 36 total different guns and minimum 18 is compulsory to match otherwise they have a trouble in their marriage life. Also some kinds of dosh like bhakut Milan or bhakut dosh, manglik Milan or manglik dosh, etc are well known dosh plaays an important role in janamkundli Milan. Because in case these dosh not match with each other then as per janamkundli Milan rule or stratigy there is a very low chances of success of any marriage. That is why most of the experts says that a manglik girl needs to marry with a manglik boy, similarly if a boy with bhakut dosh exist in his kundly then a girl wuth bhakut dosh may be the best match for that boy.

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For more details regarding your janam kundli match, just drop us an email with both of two individual’s name, their date of birth, their birth place, their birth time. And we will provide you the match result with suggestion and recommendation.

Janampatri Milan: Janampatri Milan or Kundali Milan is an ancient age old procedure. During the marriage procedure of Hindus the girl and boy’s kundali is observed and is considered very important, at first before starting any procedure of marriage Janamkundali of girl and boy. The girl and boy’s kundali is analyzed o make the married life happy and content full. After the kundali is matched then the marriage ceremony is further carry on.

In North India eight parts are matched in Kundali which is recognized as “Ashtkoot Milan”. After all these eight parts are matched then only the marriage takes place. On the basis of these guna long lives, mutual understanding, happiness and support are being observed.

The eight gunas which are matched are as below:

  • Varna
  • Vasya
  • Tara
  • Yoni
  • Grah aitri
  • Gan
  • Bhakoot
  • Nadi

Janam kundali is just like a chart at the time of birth; Janampatri Milan depicts the situation of the planets and their influence. During the time of birth the calculation is done and put into a chart where the description of our life is done. In this chart our life problems are also described. With the help of Janam patri Milan we can know about any person’s character and his personality. We can take positive and appropriate step towards our life and can step forward in our life.

Janampatri Milan: Janampatri is based on your date of birth, horoscope, birth place etc, Janampatri indicate your nature, preferences, social communication skills and behaviour pattern of a person much more. In Indian society, marriage is the most beautiful event of our life. Janampatri Milan of a prospective bride and groom is the only option to ensure their compatibility.

Once they get married, it reflects future and lifestyle for the rest of their lifetimes. The pattern of Janampatri Milan in all over the India is mostly same. We are fully professional astrologer and have vast experience in this area. We have the ability to full fill your all requirements; if you want to exact janampatri milan then you can contact us.