Videshan Mantras

videshan mantras

This is an art and technique that we called videshan. Have ever heard "divide and conquer rule" this is mantra is also the same things. Videshan Mantras are used to create fights between two or more individuals by creating higher misunderstandings between them. It causes enmity among the targets.

However, terrible utilized is made by a few persons to make contrasts in the middle of spouse and wife, father and child, siblings, companions and so on.., which must be kept away from . Utilize these mantras for good and sound reason.

There is various type of mantra for different purpose these are as follows:

  • friends videshan mantra: This mantra is used for create fights between two peoples.
  • Satambhan mantra: Using this mantra you can control the activities of other
  • Sabar videshan mantra: Black magic and love spells